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Chemical grouting equipment

One of the reasons why modern plumbers and trenchless professionals should use chemical grouting supplies is their broad range of applications. This approach is a safe, fast, and effective choice for sealing and repairing buried pipes, tanks, and other parts of the plumbing system. The ability to react with water and create a solid seal within a day makes grouting an uncomplicated way to address a customer’s needs promptly.

Seal Manholes and Entry Points

Since nearly half of all cases of water infiltration into sewer systems occur at manholes and similar access points, this is an issue that plumbers need to be ready to face. Chemical grouting is perfect for manhole and joint sealing to prevent filtration of water in either direction. It’s often the best choice for dealing with any kind of non-structural leak around these access points.

Stabilize Surrounding Soil

One of the biggest advantages of chemical grouting is its ability to flow into open space surrounding the leak and set in place. This ensures a strong and encompassing seal over the leaking area as well as stabilizes the surrounding soil. Stabilization helps preserve the existing pipe and reduces the chances of needing follow-up repairs down the line.

Lateral Repairs and Crack Injection

Having the right kind of chemical grouting accessories and equipment lets plumbers address inconvenient problems in a simple way. These products are designed for versatility and durability to give plumbers more options for addressing challenging problems.

Premium Grouting from Primeline

Primeline Trenchless carries Avanti chemical grouting products as part of our select lineup due to the brand’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and versatility. We encourage our clients to reach out to us to learn more about the potential applications of these products as well as more information on their proper use and storage.



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