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Here at PrimeLine Products, Inc. of Altamonte Springs, Florida, our highly-trained team of industry experts has heard its fair share of questions over the years. And we’re always happy to share our extensive knowledge and insight with our customers. So to help you and your plumbing or contracting business, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that we get.

So, what exactly is PrimeLine Products?

PrimeLine Products, Inc. is your prime source for solutions, products, and training related to the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry. Our professional team is made up of trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation experts, so you can always feel confident that we are offering the most up-to-date and innovative techniques and tools to your business. We work hard to partner with our vendors, address our customers’ needs, and ensure success amongst as all.

What kinds of products does PrimeLine sell?

We know that the trenchless industry is rapidly evolving, so to keep up with the industry demands, we offer a wide range of full-service products. Our products include:

  • Manhole-to-manhole rehabilitation lining. Aging sanitary sewer systems can dilute the large volumes of sewage moving through them and decrease the efficiency of wastewater treatments. We offer the TRY TEK Controlled Water Pressure Inversion Unit to help your team line and restore pipelines back to full functionality.
  • Pipeline plugs. We offer several pipeline plugs that you can use to effectively seal pipes while you complete your plumbing projects. From pneumatic plugs you can use to temporarily close off sewage and drainage systems to mechanical plugs you can use during drain or vent testing to all the associated tools and accessories, we have the plugs you can use in your residential, commercial, or industrial projects.
  • Testing equipment. All of the plumbing, drainage, and venting systems your business installs must be tested to make sure they are up to code, and we have the equipment you’ll need for that process. We offer durable smoke testing equipment to help you locate inflow and infiltration in wastewater collection systems, Air-Loc© vacuum/air testing equipment to help you test joint integrity and locate leaks, and aluminum fin style and fixed steel style deflection gauges to help you test flexible sewer pipes.
  • Chemical grouting. To stop groundwater intrusion in underground structures or pipelines, you can rely on our manhole/joint sealings, crack injections, soil stabilizations, and associated accessories. Our wide variety of chemical grouts and formulas are cost-effective tools that you can use in your residential and commercial plumbing repairs.
  • Manhole/wetwell rehabilitation. To structurally repair underground structures, turn to our high-performance cement grouts, urethane and acrylate grouts, hand- or spray-applied mortars, hand- or spray applied epoxy liners, and manhole inflow inserts.
  • Robotic cutters. Relining sewer mains and smaller diameter lateral pipes is a critical task, and we offer cutter systems that you can use in a wide range of reinstatement situations.  
  • Trelleborg joint seals and manhole seals. The Trelleborg Internal-Seal was created to prevent infiltration and exfiltration in concrete pipe, manholes, and other underground structures. We can equip your team with internal joint seals, external pipe seals, FlexRib frame chimney seals, and liner end seals for your day-to-day operations.
  • Safety equipment. From confined space entry equipment to gas detectors, ventilators, and everything else in between, we offer the equipment your team will need to stay safe in tight underground spaces.
  • Epoxy pipe lining. Epoxy pipe lining is a popular method of sewer pipe repair and replacement, so we offer the highest-quality epoxy pipe lining equipment. Our epoxy pipe lining solutions are durable, cost-effective, and versatile. They can help you give superior service to your customers and help you grow your profitability and productivity.
  • Sewer lining systems. With trenchless technology growing in demand, we offer the innovative equipment your business can use to give customers the less invasive and more cost-efficient trenchless services they want. From high-resolution sewer cameras to hydro jetting equipment and epoxy resin liners, we have all of the equipment and products your trenchless business should need for an entire sewer lining project.
  • Pipe lining systems. Our pipe lining equipment can assist your team with pipe cutting and cleaning, lining, curing, and setting. Throughout the trenchless pipe lining process, our durable and reliable products can help your team get the job done right the first time around.
  • Pow-R wrap. Pow-R Wrap is a strong, economical, and permanent repair. Your team can use it on almost any kind of pipe as a replacement to more traditional cementing, welding, soldering, and sleeving. It works on wet, dry, clean, dirty, or corroded pipes and is ideal for all fluid-bearing pipes and hoses.

Wow, you really do offer a lot. So, what are your top products?

All of our products are excellent quality and extremely usable, but there are some that plumbers and contractors just keep coming back for time after time. Our top products include:

  • Picote. We’ve partnered with Picote to offer the best drain cleaning and trenchless pipe repair equipment for your business. Picote technology is durable and efficient, so we offer drain cleaning equipment, lateral cutters, pipe coating, and collapsed liner removal products that you can use to grow your business.
  • PrimeLiner/Maxliner lateral lining system. We’ve also partnered with MaxLiner, a leader in cured-in-place (CIPP) technology. Together, we can offer your business the lateral lining system materials it can use to give clients fast, affordable, and professional service. We offer a Liner Gun that you can use to restore the most difficult-to-reach pipes, a MaxLiner Hotkick that you can use to cut and fit a liner into the existing system, adaptor rings, inversion machines, hoses, and so much more.
  • PrimeLiner sectional lining equipment. We offer liner equipment to repair lines from 4” in diameter to 36” in diameter, including air push rods, fiberglass mats, and PrimeLiner carrier packers. We can even put together a kit of all the things you’ll need to complete a pipe lining job, so rely on our sectional lining equipment for your trenchless business.
  • Lateral lining materials. From everything you’ll need to start a pipe lining business to the high-quality lining materials you’ll need to grow your existing business, we have the equipment and materials for you. We offer liner tubes in various sizes that can support various stages of the lateral lining process and liner resin that is resistant to various chemicals and temperatures.
  • Lateral connection repair. Lateral connections can be tough to repair because of their misaligned joints, cracks, invading tree roots, or other forms of wear and tear. We offer two lateral connection repair methods that your business can use. The Epros® DrainLCR-B method can repair small-diameter laterals without excavating, breaking structures, and causing frustrations for your clients. The Epros® DrainLCR-S method can repair and permanently seal main/lateral interfaces and connections up to 600 mm from the main line down into the lateral.

That’s a lot of products . . .

It is a lot of products, but today’s plumbing and contracting businesses need these innovative products to stay competitive. With customers clamoring for trenchless repairs and replacements, our state-of-the-art products can help you grow a modern business that meets their demands.

Trenchless repairs and replacements are so popular with home and business owners because they are:

  • Less invasive than traditional repair and replacement methods. Instead of hiring a large crew to dig extensive trenches all over a property, trenchless repair and replacement requires a small crew to dig a small access hole. Pipes can be rehabilitated or replaced without pulling up the old pipe, which saves yards, foundations, landscapes, driveways, and other property features from being damaged.
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional repair and replacement methods. The traditional excavation stirred up the soil and any contaminants in it, putting home and business owners at greater risk for exposure to unhealthy molds, mildews bacteria, and other potentially dangerous particles. Trenchless repair and replacement eliminate all that digging, so the ground can stay settled and you can stay healthy.
  • More cost-effective than traditional repair and replacement methods. The people, the equipment, the digging, the damage . . . all of those elements of traditional repair and replacement can really add up. Using trenchless technology to reduce the large crew of workers, the extensive excavation, and all the repair to the subsequent property damage can save your customers some serious money.
  • More time-efficient than traditional repair and replacement methods. Traditional digging, repairing, and cleaning up the big leftover mess took a lot of time. What once required several weeks can now be done in just a few days, so your customers can get back to their routines and lives quicker and you can move on to the next project.

We should also mention that we’re more than just a product provider. Our trained industry experts also provide training on how to use these innovative products and services that we sell. So when you work with PrimeLine, you can feel confident that we’ve got you completely covered.

There are a lot of plumbing and contracting equipment providers out there . . . why PrimeLine?

Quite simply, we have the experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals that can help you and your business. Since 1998, we’ve been a full-service provider of products for the trenchless rehabilitation industry, so we understand what our vendors have and what our customers really need.

Our team has an extensive background in trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation, so we can provide the best possible service to meet your needs, expectations, and technical requirements. We understand your bottom line and provide all of our products with manufacturer warranties, affordable payment plans, and economic pricing models. Our customers are like family to us, so we wouldn’t give you less than we’d expect for ourselves.

I want to start a pipe lining business, but I’m a little overwhelmed. Can PrimeLine help get me started?

You bet we can. We understand the growing demands of the trenchless rehabilitation business and we know what plumbing and contracting companies need to stay ahead of the game. If you’re interested in building a trenchless pipe lining business, our experienced and friendly professional team is here to help.

We can work closely with you to determine your particular needs and find you the right equipment. We can get you started with quality sewer and drain cleaning equipment to prepare your customers’ pipes, lining materials to repair your customers’ sewer and drain systems, and any other products you may need. If you’re just starting out, your needs may be a little different than somebody who is more established, and we can help give you the tailor-made solutions that can help grow a productive, profitable, and positive business model.

Besides equipping your budding business, our staff can help train you and your employees. Many of our team members have been private contractors with their own businesses, so they truly understand how to turn trenchless services into a successful business. When we sell you equipment, we can also train you on how to use it safely, effectively, and efficiently. We’d never send you blindly into the field, so don’t go anywhere else for your products, services, or training. Turn to the PrimeLine advantage and start collecting revenue from day one.

How can I get ahold of PrimeLine Products?

We do have an office in Altamonte Springs, Florida, but you don’t have to visit us in-person to learn about our exceptional products and services. You can also call our friendly staff or reach out through our online contact form. And if you want to connect with us through social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We are available, but however you want to get in touch, our knowledgeable and highly-qualified staff is at the ready to serve you with all of your trenchless rehabilitation industry needs.

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