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Our Range of Bulk Sectional Lining Materials

In addition to kits, systems, and stand-alone products, PrimeLine Products also offers sectional lining materials in bulk. Contractors can rely on us when they need to stock up on resin, patch liner material, or essential application tools and accessories.

Top Features

Our selection of bulk materials includes both the fiberglass mats and silicate resin compounds found in the sectional lining kits. The resin is a non-VOC and operator-friendly compound that has a relatively short cure time. The fiberglass mats for patching are available in 30”, 60” and 100” wide rolls.

Main Benefits

Buying in bulk can be a great investment for trenchless contractors, especially when it’s for a common service like sectional lining. Purchasing these products from us in bulk can cut the material cost to a fraction of the original price. The resin and mats have a shelf life of two years, so there’s little risk involved when stocking up ahead of time.

Let Us Meet Your Sectional Lining Needs

Contact the team at PrimeLine Products for pricing, logistical, and other essential information about our bulk purchasing process. We can also help companies gauge their supply needs and choose the solutions that offer value and long-term potential.

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