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Our Full Suite of Trenchless and Pipeline Equipment at PrimeLine Products

As an industry leader for more than 20 years, PrimeLine Products is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients in performing adequate repairs, flawless installation, and informative training to a wide array of vendors and customers. Our professionally trained and certified staff is here to help when it comes to ensuring proper trenchless pipeline installation and repair services, as well as providing training. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been providing quality solutions for more than two decades.

A Range of Quality Equipment

Here is an overview of the many products we offer as part of our line of trenchless and pipeline equipment:

Dancutters – We provide a range of cutters for use in different applications in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Among our products are the DC Super Flex and DC Maxi Flex.

Lateral Pipe Lining – Modern equipment for lateral pipe rehabilitation is accessed easily through PrimeLine Products.

Trenchless Equipment – PrimeLine Products has everything you need for trenchless installation and repair. If we don’t, we might even be able to customize the tool you are looking for.

Pipeline Plugs – As a national distributor of pneumatic plugs, mechanical plugs, deflection gauges, and air testing equipment, we have virtually all the tools you need for residential and industrial project completion.

Chemical Grouting – Our chemical grouting products can help seal underground pipes and structures to keep excess groundwater from entering.

Trelleborg Joint Seals & Manhole Seals – Available in multiple diameter and two width options, our range of Trelleborg internal seals can be used in new or existing pipes and structures.

Manhole Wetwell Rehabilitation – Structural repair of underground manholes and wetwells can help ensure proper function.

Millers & Drills – PrimeLine Products offers a complete range of millers and drills that will fit in a variety of spaces are our expertise.

Picote – Our Picote equipment is built out of high-quality materials, and we can help you select the products to make you among the best trenchless repair companies around.

Pipe Cutters – From service to repair, our clients will find themselves in need of quality pipe cutters. We have a wide array to choose from, so all you have to do is get in touch with PrimeLine Products to ensure the quality of your cutters.

Pow-R Wrap – As a repair mechanism that is strong and reliable, Pow-R Wrap is compatible with almost any type of pipe.

Primeliner Sectional Lining Equipment – With our Primeliner Sectional Lining materials, we can aid in repairing pipes from 4-36″ in diameter in single sections with no digging required.

Safety Equipment – Our focus on providing durable safety equipment comes from the need of our contractors to remain profitable and productive on the job.

Sewer Lining Systems – We provide trenchless technology that simplifies pipe restoration, which is made easy with our products here at PrimeLine Products.

Smart Cutter Packages – Our Smart Cutter packages provide everything you need at a discounted price.

Testing Equipment – Smoke testing and vacuum testing are made no longer an inconvenience through the use of PrimeLine Products.

Maxliner Sewer Lateral Systems – Used for inverting Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), this system speeds up the process of lateral line repairs for our clients with either ambient curing or for even faster repairs, we offer hot water systems.

SpeedyLight+ – PrimeLine Products now offers SpeedyLight+, a portable curing system that can navigate 90-degree bends in pipes as small as four inches in diameter. As it uses less than 50% of the power of other curing methods, it is able to minimize resource use. Weighing just 150 pounds, it even features wheels for easy transportation.

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If you find yourself in need of professional trenchless and pipeline equipment guidance, give our experts at PrimeLine Products a call. Our experts provide reliable advice and have undergone extensive drug and background testing. We provide accurate estimates in a timely manner to help any contractor complete their job and move on to the next. Call us now or fill out the online form on this site to schedule your consultation

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