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SpeedyLight VX

The SpeedyLight VX LED by Sewertronics brings the power and efficiency of UV light curing technology to vertical infrastructure. Unlike the conventional SpeedyLight+, the VX system is specifically engineered for use on indoor and vertical pipes.


The VX is suitable for pipes rated from DN70 to DN150, which covers a large portion of residential and commercial infrastructure. The hose has a reach of 25 meters and is built to service vertical lines. Like with any other system, operators should consult the product sheet and manual for full technical details before using the technology.

Top Features

Like other members of the SpeedyLight product family, this system lets contractors cure pipes in a fraction of the time. The unit’s SpectraLight curing head features innovative elements to improve speed and efficiency throughout the entire process. With built-in wheels and a total weight of less than 60kg, the system is also designed for portability and ease of deployment from start to finish.

Key Benefits

Trenchless contractors have plenty of good reasons to cheer for the SpeedyLight VX, including:

  • Navigates 90-degree turns
  • Clean and toxin-free
  • Integrated video detection technology
  • Engineered for vertical challenges

Harness the Power Today

SpeedyLight technology is among the most exciting and innovative solutions we carry at PrimeLine Products. Connect with our team to learn more about these systems and how they can take your trenchless work to the next level. Contact us today.

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