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A Selection of Carrier Packers from Trelleborg

Trelleborg offers a range of carrier packers suited for different pipe sizes, conditions, and objectives. These systems are optimized for precise sectional repair and have been thoroughly tested and vetted by experienced professionals. The synthetic rubber compounds integral to the technology are also subject to rigorous tests and high production standards.

A Quick Look

and shape of the target pipe. Trelleborg has packers that are optimized for different situations, including short or long lines, sharp turns, and lateral servicing.

Notable Features

Exceptional standards in materials are one of the things that make the Trelleborg name a respected one throughout the industry. These packers are equipped with quick-action couplings and feature an elegant design that is rounded at both ends for easier handling.

Top Benefits

Contractors using Trelleborg carrier packers can benefit from their:

  • Wide size range
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Modular units and components
  • Flexible and rigid alternatives

Find Out How Carrier Packers Can Impact Your Project

Talk to the team at PrimeLine Products to learn more about the technology behind this Trelleborg system. We would be happy to discuss the technical and practical details of our equipment so you can make informed choices about important business investments. Call us or visit the online store to make a purchase.

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