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Carrier Packers for Sectional Lining Projects

At PrimeLine Products, we carry a wide range of carrier packers that are suitable for different pipe sizes in sectional lining repair. Customized solutions may also be available for contractors who work on major infrastructure or non-standard systems.

System Specifications

Our sectional lining packers are available in over a dozen different models for pipe diameters ranging from 1 to 36 inches. Models designed for pipes 8 inches and bigger all feature wheel assemblies and bypass potential.

Top Features

The aluminum-ended packers are designed to preserve space thanks to a reduced deflated diameter. These carriers have NPT inflation ports optimized for quick access and large models have bypass potential for servicing active sewer lines. They are usually designed for deployment with compatible air push rods and an external pressure monitor.

Key Benefits

Flexibility and portability are some of the biggest benefits of these carrier packers. All units can be folded in half for transport and the integrated wheel assembly improves operational mobility. The entire packer system is designed with quality-tested materials, including durable natural corded rubber.

Consult Us Today

Contact the team at PrimeLine Products to learn more about developing your selection of sectional lining products and systems. We are happy to leverage our decades of experience with trenchless technology to help you harness powerful, innovative, and exciting solutions. Call us or head over to the online store to make a purchase today.

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