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Precision Cutting Tools from Picote

Picote knows how to engineer their products to take care of business and their lateral cutters are no exception. These powerful and versatile tools are a valuable asset for all kinds of trenchless work, including remedial, rehabilitation, and preparatory operations. For precision cutters, look no further than PrimeLine Products.

Key Features

This lateral cutter accommodates the user with intuitive design elements and minimal maintenance requirements. It's also proven to handle all kinds of materials, ranging from encroaching roots to wrinkled pipe liners. These tools are also optimized for accessibility, efficiency, and simplicity to streamline repeat use.

Main Benefits

Picote’s smart cutting technology gives technicians a precise and powerful tool to support their other trenchless operations. This cutter can navigate lines with multiple 90-degree turns with great accuracy and without damaging existing infrastructure. All cutting units are designed to provide fast and consistent results while minimizing downtime.

System Specifications

Our lateral cutting units include the conventional Smart Cutter, Twister Mini, and Twister Express. Talk to our team to get more details about specific systems or if you have questions about operations and system compatibility.

Make the Most of These Versatile Cutters

You can depend on PrimeLine Products to connect you with innovative and game-changing plumbing solutions. We take our role as suppliers seriously, which is why we offer a range of exceptional products and training opportunities for our clients. Call us or purchase one via the online store today!

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