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Soil Stabilization Systems from Avanti

Soil stabilization may not seem like the most exciting concept, but it’s actually an exciting possibility for contractors. Plumbing infrastructure rests on the soil, so instability there jeopardizes the entire system. The ability to reinforce and stabilize the surrounding soil is a game-changer.

The temperature of the resin compound and the surrounding environment can influence the overall cure rate. Be sure to consult documentation for mix rates of compounds and catalysts as applicable.

Key Features

Avanti soil stabilization systems revolve around the essential compound formulated for this kind of application. The AV-550 and AV-560 are both based on hydrophobic polyurethane and are among our most popular products in this category. These grouts are designed to permeate the granules, rocks, and dirt before gelling into a durable bond.

Operator Benefits

The benefits of Avanti stabilizing grouts include:

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Commercial and municipal applications
  • Engineered for moisture resistance
  • Withstands seasonal cycles

Benefit from Avanti Soil Stabilization Systems Today

Feel free to contact PrimeLine Products if you have any questions about our Avanti chemical grouts or other trenchless systems. We always encourage our clients to take advantage of as much knowledge and expertise as they can when it comes to essential tools and equipment.

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