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Industry-Leading Grout Pumps by Avanti

An effective and portable delivery system is an essential part of any grouting process. That is why PrimeLine Products offers a selection of grout pumps and sprayers compatible with our Avanti grouting products. We make sure that our clients have access to complete grouting solutions.

A Quick Look at Specifications

Chemical grouting is a safe, affordable, and effective way to deal with some of the biggest challenges in the world of trenchless services. That’s why PrimeLine Products carries a healthy selection of grouts, pumps, tools, and other essentials for making the most of this amazing technology.

Top Features

There are a lot of different types of deployment mechanisms and setups for various grouting applications. The type of system, accessories, and access points used for manhole rehabilitation will likely be very different from those for a point or lateral repair project.

Main Benefits

All pumps and sprayers are designed to ease the burden on operators, particularly during frequent or extended use. They are also optimized for even, consistent, and precise applications. Some also include smart digital systems that integrate with smartphone technology to give operators real-time control.

Reach Out to PrimeLine Products

Call us today to learn more about how this equipment can make a major difference for your clients. Our team is ready to answer questions, discuss details, and help you find solutions that offer the best value for your investment. You may also visit our online store to make a purchase.

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