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High-Quality Systems from Sewertronics

SewerTronics is known for using applied robotic engineering to develop exceptional and innovative plumbing solutions. Their UV light curing systems include the Speedylight VX, QuickPatch LED, and Spectra Dive UV.

Innovative Features

We carry several distinct SewerTronics systems that are engineered for different applications, including access points and lateral or vertical lines. All of these systems are characterized by the utilization of efficient UV light output as a curing mechanism. The main units are also designed to be portable and user-friendly to avoid adding a lot of extra steps to trenchless projects.

Premium Benefits

SewerTronics systems provide value to contractors in many ways, including:

  • Fast curing in a fraction of the time
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Easy to deploy and pack up
  • Optimized for mobility and accessibility
  • Engineered for power efficiency

Class-Leading Specifications

SewerTronics systems are tried and tested to be convenient and effective in real working environments. We also encourage our clients to take advantage of our training opportunities and carefully read product manuals before jumping into action.

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