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Manhole Coating Products from PrimeLine Products

At PrimeLine Products, we offer a range of epoxy coatings that are formulated to address different areas of concern in manholes and chimneys. All of these products are optimized to streamline applications and ensure ease of use when possible.

System Specifications

Specifics for proper storage and handling depend on individual product instructions and should be followed carefully. There may also be differences in mixing ratios and timing for spray versus hand application.

Key Features

The formulation and features of each epoxy coating product depend on its intended use, including mortar with anti-microbial properties, glaze for chemical resistance, and solvent-free epoxy for elasticity. An elastic epoxy is good for joints and handling vibrations, while glazed epoxy is engineered to resist the corrosive effects of acids and other caustic chemicals.

Notable Benefits

Coating is a valuable part of the manhole rehabilitation process. It’s an affordable and accessible way to prevent leaks, preserve original materials, and reinforce the existing infrastructure. Our epoxy coatings give plumbers options when it comes to mixing and application so that they can customize the solution to each project.

Take Advantage of These Coating Solutions

PrimeLine Products offers a comprehensive selection of the trenchless industry’s most innovative, effective, and value-adding equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting solutions at your fingertips. You may also head over to our online store to purchase one.

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