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Pipe Seals from Trelleborg

Trelleborg pipe seals are tailored to the task. Our selection of sealing systems includes those optimized for different essential tasks, including liner ends, pipe-to-manhole connections, chimneys, and joint seals.

Key Features

Like most Trelleborg products in this category, the pipe seals are compatible with most materials including various types of iron, clay, and PVC. The advanced rubber polymer is formulated to create a powerful seal that completely stops liquids from passing through the barrier in either direction.

Operator Benefits

Many contractors have confidence in Trelleborg systems because they have proven to provide reliable and effective solutions over and over again. In fact, the manufacturer verifies a 100-year life expectancy for several of their core pipe sealing products.

System Specifications

Many of these pipe sealing systems include unique specifications, options, and features that operators should know about. That's why we recommend that operators take the time to do some research and talk to our team before making a final decision.

Experience the Difference Today

PrimeLine Products is proud to carry Trelleborg products as part of our diverse selection of exceptional trenchless tools and supplies. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about how these systems might work with your business processes.

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