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Leaking pipes are a concern for home and business owners. They lead to extensive water damage and high water bills. But while leaks can be common, PrimeLine Products has the perfect solution.

Internal joint seals prevent water infiltration in underground pipes. The devices create a watertight compression to stop groundwater from contaminating your drinking supply. PrimeLine Products offers internal joint seals that are easily installed in residential and commercial properties. Our seals are a reusable and chemical-free method for securing your clients’ pipes. PrimeLine Products is your full-service provider of industry-leading trenchless products that make plumbing safer and easier than ever before.


Pipe and manhole joints are susceptible to infiltration due to raised groundwater pressure. To prevent this, property owners need watertight seals. Internal joint seals strengthen joints to prevent wastewater from contaminating your clients drinking supply.

Our internal joints seals use a flexible rubber seal. The seal compresses against the inside of the pipe’s joint and expands when pressure increases. The seals can be installed in concrete, reinforced concrete, cast iron, steel, ductile iron, vitrified clay, PVC, and HDPE pipes. Our internal joint seals are available from 18-inch to 122-inch pipes. We provide elliptical and arched internal joint seals upon request. Nitrile internal joint seals can be specially ordered.

Our internal joint seals come in three different widths. The 7.5-inch seal fits most joints, and we have larger sizes available as needed. PrimeLine Products internal joint seals are easily installed using a torque wrench and socket. Once installed, the WedgeLock expansion band creates a seal that can withstand over 30 feet (or 30 psi) of head pressure, making your clients’ pipes more secure than ever.


Our seals restore pipe and manhole joints, so property owners don’t have to worry about contaminated water. By using an internal joint seal, you’re guaranteed watertight conditions.

Internal joint seals are an ideal solution for repairing joints and preventing dirty drinking water. Joint seal installation is simple, safe, and fast. We repair your customers’ pipes from the inside, so excavation isn’t necessary. Internal joint seals have been used in America for over 20 years due to their strength and dependability. If you want to secure joints and keep drinking water safe, we recommend applying internal joint seals to your customers’ pipeline.


 long-lasting repair comes from high-quality tools and equipment. When it comes to choosing the tools for all plumbing projects and trenchless repairs, rely on PrimeLine Products. Our equipment is the best in the industry. Our internal joint seals are guaranteed to repair deteriorating pipes. The products eliminate the need for tedious excavation, so you can secure pipes quicker than ever. PrimeLine Products has been proudly serving our customers and vendors since 1998, and we’re committed to quality. We value our customers and only provide the most reliable products. If you’re looking for quality trenchless equipment, your search is over. Give the PrimeLine Plumbing team a call or complete the contact form below to learn more about our internal joint seals or other trenchless products we can provide.

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