CIPP Systems from Picote

Picote’s cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system includes innovative equipment for each step of the lining process from preparation to curing. Some tools are optional or present alternatives to each other, but a complete system will include several of these products.

Highlighted Features

We currently carry five types of products in the Picote CIPP system. Even though there are several types of deployment solutions, contractors typically only need one kind on a particular project.

  • Midi Roller and Wet Out Station
    Hybrid rolling station for wetting liners between 2 and 9 inches in diameter. This lightweight and battery-powered unit is mountable on its own or can be combined with the separate Wet Out Station.
  • Picote Packers
    Manual liner deployment solutions from the Picote 3D and Bendy Packer product series. Integrated front wheel drive system allows for long-distance work and navigating multiple 90-degree turns.
  • Inversion Drum
    Designed to give the operator greater control of inversion speed and offers visibility through the sight window. All five models feature directional nozzles and three of them have rotational capability.
  • Lining Cannon
    Compact liner deployment tool made with durable materials and designed to allow for quick setup, deployment, and detachment for repeat use. A great solution for many areas where drums cannot reach.
  • Smart Heat Millers and Cables
    Picote Smart Heat Millers can improve ambient curing speed by over 30 percent and don’t require any water, which minimizes the risk of property impact. Available as Maxi or Mini Smart Heat Millers as well as stand-alone heat cables.

Benefits Contractors

This Picote system is defined by its innovative design that emphasizes ease of deployment and operational efficiency. The entire system is adapted to optimize space and minimize logistical or power requirements throughout the project.

Make the Most of CIPP Systems from Picote

There are plenty of benefits to having every component of this system at your disposal. However, this isn’t always a realistic goal for contractors just entering the CIPP scene. That’s why we encourage you to call PrimeLine Products to get answers to questions or discuss our plumbing systems in greater detail.

PrimeLine Products proudly offers Picote supplies and products, and we encourage you to contact us for any inquiries, concerns, or information. We're a comprehensive distributor specializing in products for the collection system maintenance and rehabilitation industry, with a specific focus on trenchless technologies. Our inventory includes pipeline plugs, cleaning nozzles, chemical grouts, manhole rehabilitation products, and cutting-edge cured-in-place lining equipment. Additionally, we provide thorough training on all our product lines. Call us today!

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