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Cleaning Chains from Picote

Picote packs a lot of power into their drain cleaning equipment, which is why PrimeLine Products includes several different lines in our product selection. Advanced cleaning chains provide contractors with a heavy-duty mechanism for multipurpose cleaning and blockage removal.

Choosing the right grinding chains depends on the type of blockage and diameter of the pipelines. Talk to one of our team members to learn more about equipment and size range compatibility.

Main Features

Picote produces different types of cleaning chain rigs to go with their industry-leading equipment, like the Maxi, Mini, and Midi Miller systems. The chain attachments feature multiple design elements that give them comprehensive cleaning potential. They can scrape buildup from the sides of pipes or burst through encroaching tree roots blocking the path.


Picote chain and drain cleaning systems can be adapted for almost any kind of pipe or drain cleaning project, including damaged or uneven infrastructure. These cleaning tools can cut down service time significantly without compromising the consistency of results.

Cleaner Pipes Are Just a Call Away

Contractors can find a full range of exceptional Picote drain cleaning tools and supplies at PrimeLine Products. We also offer the opportunity to connect with our team to ask questions and learn more about how to use the equipment we provide in the best way possible. You may make your purchase by giving us a call or heading over to the online store.

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