High-Quality Trenchless Products from Avanti

Avanti is the manufacturer of industry-leading chemical grouting products that fill a vital role in trenchless services. Many top and even up-and-coming contractors should consider the potential benefits and wide range of applications of these products as they expand their inventory.


PrimeLine Products has specialized grouting solutions for many specific applications, so don’t hesitate to contact our team to talk about customized solutions. We have tools and supplies for all kinds of tasks, including manhole rehabilitation, crack injection, and emergency leak management.

Key Features

Chemical grouts are formulated compounds that react with water or other chemicals to accomplish a specific purpose. Compounds like the AV-202 Multigrout are fast-acting solutions that create a barrier to block active water leaks. On the other hand, the AV-275 and AV-276 Soilgrout have completely different priorities as soil-permeating and stabilizing agents.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Avanti is a trusted name in the trenchless industry because it provides practical solutions to real plumbing challenges. Most grouts have simple mix ratios to streamline the application and can be adjusted to give plumbers more control over the timing of the entire process. Users can also depend on Avanti for consistency thanks to rigorous standards and quality tests.

Contact Us for All Your Avanti Product Questions and Purchases

PrimeLine Products is proud to carry Avanti grouts, tools, and accessories and we look forward to helping clients learn how to use them. Contact our team today if you want to discuss these products, our company, or the training opportunities available to your team.

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