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Lateral lining materials

Lateral lines often bear a consistent and heavy burden since they go between the building’s plumbing and local utility connections. They tend to run across a significant portion of the property, which means excavating them is inconvenient and unsightly. It’s easy to convince most clients to use a lateral pipe lining system if they know it will require minimal time, excavation, or property restoration afterwards.

Affordable and Accessible

Lateral lining materials aren’t just durable and flexible in their applications, they are an affordable option too. Their affordability helps plumbers keep their supply costs down while offering competitive estimates to customers. Avoiding the need to excavate the lateral line can save many hours of manpower and time spent operating equipment, which also yields considerable savings.

Keep Property Intact

No property owner wants to have their lush and expensive landscaping destroyed during repair projects. That’s why avoiding excavation is a priority for customers and the main reason why trenchless solutions are superior to conventional ones. This kind of lateral pipe lining relies on a few access points at strategic locations to gain access to buried lines without endangering trees, bushes, or features.

Find Exceptional Lateral Pipe Lining Supplies

PrimeLine Products is proud to offer a wide selection of excellent lateral pipe lining equipment, including advanced lining resin, calibration tubes, and related Picote accessory products. We recommend these products to contractors of all sizes, from start-ups and one-truck outfits to larger service providers.

Having the right lateral pipe lining supplies can help you make short work of even the trickiest of repair projects. Contact us today to learn more about these products and how you can use them for many kinds of residential and commercial plumbing applications. We have all the quality materials and supplies you need to provide your clients with foolproof trenchless solutions!



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