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Mini Bike from Dancutter

Dancutter’s values of uncompromising simplicity and flexible solutions are evident in the DC Mini Bike. As the smallest cutter in the DC product line, this system still packs enough power to cut through virtually any kind of piping material.

Key Features

The Mini Bike system is essentially made up of three main parts: the characteristic bike handle, flexible hose and various cutting heads. The handle acts as the control unit and stabilization mechanism, which is a big bonus when working with extreme space restrictions.

System Specifications

As the smallest DC cutter, the heads and hose of the Mini Bike are suitable for pipes rated DN50 to DN75. Contact our team if you have any questions about using this system or any other Dancutter products.

Operator Benefits

The compact design and innovative application of materials engineering offer plenty of power in a sleek package. It’s very user-friendly and is easy to operate for teams of any size.

Other benefits include:

  • Responsive controls
  • Full system portability
  • Works on all materials
  • Navigates tough turns

Make the Most of Mini Bike

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