Cherne Plugs Available at PrimeLine Products

When it comes to pipeline plugs, variety and reliability are what matter most. That’s why at PrimeLine Products, we carry a healthy selection of Cherne plugs as well as all the tools and accessories to use them.

System Specifications

Plug products are also available with a wide range of accessories for different types of applications. This includes drain flushers, manometers, point repair carriers, test pumps, and replacement parts.

Key Features

Cherne is known for their practical and innovative designs that are perfect for simple and complex operations alike. Their selection includes a number of pneumatic plugs with an easy-to-install and naturally durable design. Cherne mechanical plugs feature cutting-edge gripping technology and user-optimized design.

Contractor Benefits

There are a number of advantages to using Cherne plug technology, namely:

  • Tight and reliable seals
  • Easy to handle
  • High-quality standards
  • Blocking and bypass options

Find the Plug That Works Best For You

Contact the team at PrimeLine Products to learn more about our pipeline plugs, tools, and accessories. This equipment has been highly beneficial for many trenchless contractors looking to bolster their services with industry essentials.

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