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When your projects involve excavation, tunneling, repairing, cleaning, maintaining, or installing underground infrastructure, you know the importance of stable soil and preventing groundwater intrusion. Chemical grouting offers a cost-effective way to facilitate the success of these projects. At PrimeLine Products, we proudly offer a full selection of chemical grouts to make your projects go as smoothly as possible.

Stabilize Shifting Soil

Granular soils present a problem in all types of construction projects. To keep the soil stable while your crew works, we recommend our grouts and chemical grouting supplies. The grouts fill the voids between soil grains and create a sandstone-like conglomerate. This results in increased stability, a safer worksite, and better results in your finished work.

Prevent Groundwater Intrusion

When installing petroleum pipelines, conduits, potable water lines, or sewer pipes, groundwater intrusion could impede your project’s success. Intruding groundwater also affects underground tanks, storage facilities, fiber optics, electrical systems, and controls. With Avanti chemical grouting, you can halt groundwater intrusion into voids, structures, pipelines, and conduits. We also recommend this grout for stopping groundwater infiltration in basements, foundations, and slabs.

Protect New and Existing Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure requires frequent repairs and professional attention. One of the most common causes of damage to existing and new infrastructure involves leaking automotive fluids and the influx of precipitation not handled by the storm sewer system. Our manhole and joint sealing products protect new and existing infrastructure from moisture damage. It also safeguards against corrosion caused by the harsh chemicals dissolved in the rainwater runoff, snow and ice melt, and other fluids.

Our grouts and chemical grouting accessories and equipment help you deliver long-lasting results and build high customer satisfaction rates. Contact us today at PrimeLine Products to learn more or to place an order!



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