SpectraDive UV Manhole Rehab

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SpectraDive UV Manhole Rehab

SpectraDive is a manhole rehabilitation solution that works with other Sewertronics systems, namely SpeedyLight and LEDRig. Integration with these systems doesn’t require significant modification to the current LED setup.

Feature Highlights

The composition and design of the patented curing heads are the core of all the system’s key features. The aluminum and copper casing provides a sturdy and light-weight housing for the UV technology. Internal temperature sensors and integrated video detection technology give technicians exceptional control over the curing process.

Technician Benefits

SpectraDive technology shares many of the same benefits as other Sewertronics systems, including:

  • Portable and convenient
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Wide application range
  • Power efficiency


SpectraDive is available in two models customized for integration with different systems. The S1800 model is optimized for use with SpeedyLight+, while the L2400 is built for the LEDRig system.

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