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Sewertronics XXS 2”-3” Kit

The Sewertronics XXS kit is a modular addition to the SpeedyLight+ and SpeedyLight VX systems. This kit adapts the UV curing technology to work in small pipes rated between DN50 and DN100.

Key Features

The XXS is a solution for trenchless patching or lining in narrow pipes. This means the head must contain all the essential technology in a small aluminum housing. Aside from the head, this system also includes a 15m push rod, flying box adaptor, and a complete rig for pulling the system.

Operator Benefits

Despite extreme space limitations, the XXS powers up to 100W of UV LED and has integrated internal core temperature sensors. Like other light curing equipment by Sewertronics, this system has numerous benefits for operators like incredible power efficiency, clean operations, and consistent results.

Main Specifications

Operators should be sure they choose the right XXS kit for their system depending on the version. Please ask one of our team members if you aren’t sure what kind you need.

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