Cameras from the Primeliner System

Video camera technology has become a must-have for most plumbers and is particularly valuable for trenchless contractors. That’s why Primeliner video inspection systems are designed to fuse advanced image capture technology with a practical, durable and deployable housing.

Main Features

Primeliner has two types of briefcase-style camera systems, the WPS-A3-C38 and the A2-C23. Even though they have different size range compatibility, the two units offer similar functionality and benefits.

These systems have many capabilities and features, including:

  • Optional detachable camera heads with self-leveling
  • Supports up to 256G data storage device
  • 9-inch color display screen
  • Built-in battery with 7-hour life
  • 512Hz transmitter

Camera Specifications

The C23 features a 23mm camera size with a view angle of 105 degrees. The C38’s camera is significantly larger at 38mm but has a slightly narrower view angle of 90 degrees.

A Multitude of Benefits

Primeliner video detection systems are notable for their compact design, one-touch capture technology, and advanced control options. Operators have eight levels of zoom to get the perfect perspective and intuitive controls to streamline the entire process.

Make PrimeLine Your Trusted Partner in All Your Endeavors

PrimeLine Products offers training opportunities for our video detection systems to help contractors make the most of this valuable technology. Do contact our team to learn more about this system or any of our other innovative solutions.

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