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Trelleborg Seals and Packers

Trelleborg is a trusted name in the industry around the world thanks to its peerless pipe sealing systems. Aside from a diverse selection of internal and external seals, the brand also includes specialized technology for sealing manholes and advanced carrier packers optimized for fast results.

Key Features

Trelleborg sealing technology features interlocking internal and external components that completely inhibit infiltration or exfiltration. Exact features and specifications depend on the intended application of the system. Tailored solutions include systems for manhole rehabilitation, lateral lines, chimneys, and joints.

Operator Benefits

Trelleborg has earned a reputation for exceptional engineering thanks to its simple and effective designs. High standards throughout the entire production process from concept to quality check provide big benefits for the end users.

Many contractors choose Trelleborg systems because these are:

  • Made with premium materials
  • Intuitive and tested design
  • Comprehensive handling instructions
  • Proven as a long-term solution

Ask Us About Trelleborg Systems Today

PrimeLine Products is proud to carry a selection of Trelleborg systems, tools, and supplies. We are also happy to help plumbers and contractors learn more about these solutions and the opportunities they offer to improve key services. Contact us to learn more and start making value-adding upgrades to your tool chest.

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