Product Line Overview

Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Our sewer cleaning equipment undergoes extensive tests to meet our technical specifications that are convenient for contractors to use. We continuously develop new cleaning products that are tailor-made to solve pipeline problems.

Cured in Place

Our cured-in-place pipe lining equipment can fix pipes without digging up the street or yard and can fix pipes of any diameter. We have a complete line of products from carrier packers, fiberglass material, resin, and accessories.

The Trelleborg Internal-Seal

The Trelleborg Internal-Seal prevents infiltration and exfiltration in concrete pipe, manholes, and other underground structures. These seals are available in a wide range of diameters and in two widths and are easily installed in new or existing pipes.

Manhole/Wetwell Rehab

Manhole/Wetwell Rehabilitation products are available to structurally repair underground structures, such as hand or spray applied epoxy liners and manhole inflow inserts. We can help you design your program or assist you with these products.

PrimeLiner® Resin

PrimeLiner® Resin PrimeLiner® Resin is either a two-component silicate based or epoxy resin that is ambient cured. It is ideally suited for use in applications such as lateral lining, manhole rehabilitation and other applications requiring a highly chemical-resistant material.


POW-R WRAP is a specially formulated water activated fiberglass tape designed as a strong, permanent and economical repair for virtually every kind of pipe. It is ideal for all fluid or gas bearing pipes and is recommended for structural repairs and strengthening as well as corrosion prevention.

Pipeline Plugs

At PrimeLine Products Inc., we are a national distributor of virtually any type of underground product you may need including plugs, deflection gauges, air testing equipment, and accessories. We feature products manufactured by Cherne Industries, Inc.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting products are available to stop groundwater intrusion in underground structures or pipelines, including air-test and sealing packers, chemical grout pumps, acrylate and urethane grouts, waterstop materials, severe coating products, concrete restoration, and epoxy injection.

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing is a quick easy and inexpensive way to locate direct sources of inflow in wastewater collections system. Smoke blowers are made of lightweight cast aluminum and can be used with traditional smoke bombs or liquid smoke.

Your Trusted Trenchless and Pipeline Equipment Provider

As a business owner or a pipework professional, you are met with the obligation to complete customer trenchless projects and rehabilitation in a timely manner. You need quality materials, specialty parts, and large scale orders quickly. PrimeLine Products can help. Our company has been in business for over 20 years, promoting the highest standards in the industry through quality trenchless equipment.

A Full Suite of Solutions

Here is a look at our trenchless equipment for sale:

  • Dancutters – These offer a simple and flexible solution for contractors looking rehabilitate PVC, cast iron, cement, concrete, steel, and fiberglass pipes, liners, and conduit.
  • Lateral Pipe Lining – Materials such as tubes, resin, and more are just some of the top products for lateral pipe lining we offer to our clients.
  • Trenchless Equipment – From installation to repairs to rehabilitation materials, PrimeLine Products is a top trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider.
  • Pipeline Plugs – Pneumatic plugs, mechanical plugs, and accessories are among our specializations when it comes to pipeline plugs.
  • Chemical Grouting – For groundwater entry into underground structures and pipe lines, chemical grouting can be ordered from PrimeLine Products as a solution.
  • Trelleborg Joint Seals & Manhole Seals – Available in various diameters and a couple of width options, PrimeLine Products’ range of Trelleborg Joint Seals and Manhole Seals can be inserted into new and existing pipes and structures.
  • Manhole Wetwell Rehabilitation – Structural repair for underground structures can be done with our professional guidance or replacement products for manhole wetwell rehabilitation.
  • Millers & Drills – We provide high-quality millers and drills, tools that will be handy in any job requiring trenchless and pipeline equipment utilization.
  • Picote – Lateral cutters, drain cleaning supplies, collapsed line removal tools and pipe coating are all integral parts of this product type from Picote and PrimeLine Products.
  • Pipe Cutters – Make cutting pipes easier with our selection of manual cutting tools and top-of-the-line pipe cutters.
  • Pow-R Wrap – A strong and economical repair method that can work on any kind of pipe, Pow-R Wrap is a modern alternative.
  • PrimeLiner Sectional Lining Equipment – Our company offers a vast array of trenchless equipment to make your jobs easier and more efficient to improve customer satisfaction. Part of our range of top-tier products is our line of PrimeLiner sectional lining equipment.
  • Safety Equipment – Necessary to get jobs done safely and in compliance with local departments, all kinds of safety equipment here at PrimeLine Products are sure to be up to code.
  • Sewer Lining Systems – When it comes to modern methods of sewer inspection and cleaning that eventually leads to rehabilitation, we offer the top solutions to help with sewer lining systems.
  • Smart Cutter Packages – Offering everything you need to get the job done in one comprehensive package, we provide a range of smart cutter packages to fit your needs and budget.
  • Testing Equipment – PrimeLine Products offers the testing equipment that is sure to be effective in diagnosing the need for lateral pipe lining or rehabilitation.
  • Maxliner Sewer Lateral Systems – Used for inverting Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), this system speeds up the process of lateral line repairs for our clients with either ambient curing or for even faster repairs, we offer hot water systems.
  • SpeedyLight+ – PrimeLine Products now offers SpeedyLight+, a portable curing system that can navigate 90-degree bends in pipes as small as four inches in diameter. As it uses less than 50% of the power of other curing methods, it is able to minimize resource use. Weighing just 150 pounds, it even features wheels for easy transportation.


PrimeLine Products Inc., is a full service provider of products for the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry.

The professionals who represent PrimeLine Products, Inc., bring an extensive background in trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation. Our team of professionals has the ability to understand the needs, expectations and technical requirements of our customers and know well the requirements of our industry and of our customers and vendors.

PrimeLine uses an engineered composite made of felt tube and silicate-based or epoxy ambient or heat cure resin to invert a liner into the lateral from the property line or cleanout to the connection with the sewer line, forming a “pipe within a pipe” to effectively repair broken pipe, leaking joints and other infiltrating defects in the lateral pipe. We also exceed expectations when they need a reinstatement cutting system.

Picote Brush Coating™ Certified InstallerPrimeLine Products should be your first choice when you need a Flex cutter system and other industry-leading solutions, products, and training. Our mission is to be the best at delivering quality products to our customers, partnering with our vendors to address our customers’ needs and working to ensure shared success among our customers, vendors, and our own business.

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