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PrimeLine Products Inc., is a full service provider of products for the Trenchless Rehabilitation Industry.

The professionals who represent PrimeLine Products, Inc., bring an extensive background in trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation. Our team of professionals has the ability to understand the needs, expectations and technical requirements of our customers and know well the requirements of our industry and of our customers and vendors.

Maximize your profit with one of our Lateral Lining Systems

PrimeLine uses an engineered composite made of felt tube and silicate-based or epoxy ambient cure resin to invert a liner into the lateral from the property line or cleanout to the connection with the sewer line, forming a “pipe within a pipe” to effectively repair broken pipe, leaking joints and other infiltrating defects in the lateral pipe.

Product Line Overview

Pipeline Plugs

PrimeLine Products Inc., is a national distributor of virtually any type of underground product you may need including plugs, deflection gauges, air testing equipment and accessories. We feature products manufactured by Cherne Industries, Inc.

Manhole/Wetwell Rehab

Manhole/Wetwell Rehabilitation products are available to structurally repair underground structures. Fast setting non-shrink cement grouts, urethane or acrylate grouts, hand or spray applied mortars, hand or spray applied epoxy liners and manhole inflow inserts. We can help you design your program or assist you with or-equal products.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting products are available to stop groundwater intrusion in underground structures or pipe lines. Air-test and sealing packers, chemical grout pumps, acrylate and urethane grouts, waterstop materials, severe coating products, concrete restoration and epoxy injection.

Cured in Place Sectional Lining

Have a section of pipe that you need to repair? Do not want to dig-up the street or yard? PrimeLine Products has equipment to repair lines from 4″ in diameter to 36″ in diameter. Need a short 4 ft. repair? We can help you do it! Need a long 13 ft. repair? We help you can do that as well! We have a complete line of cured in place pipe products from carrier packers, fiberglass material, resin and accessories, everything to get the job done.

PrimeLiner® Resin

PrimeLiner® Resin PrimeLiner® Resin is either a two-component silicate based or epoxy resin that is ambient cured. It is ideally suited for use in applications such as lateral lining, manhole rehabilitation and other applications requiring a highly chemical-resistant material.


Syntho-Glass®, a patented fiberglass cloth impregnated with a water activated resin, is the latest advancement in composite reinforcement technology.

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing is a quick easy and inexpensive way to locate direct sources of inflow in your wastewater collections system. Smoke blowers are made of lightweight cast aluminum and can be used with traditional smoke bombs or liquid smoke.

The NPC Internal-Seal

The NPC Internal-Seal was developed to prevent infiltration and exfiltration in concrete pipe, manholes and other underground structures. These seals are available in a wide range of diameters and in two widths. They are easily installed in new or existing pipe or structures.

Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Come to us with your problem in the field of Pipe cleaning and we will develop a tailor-made solution. We are not satisfied with a product that merely meets the technical specifications · products must do their job in practice. To achieve that goal, everything we provide undergoes extensive tests. We will continue to provide new sewer cleaning products which in the same self-evident way to make life easier for our customers.

About PrimeLine Products

As the trenchless market continues to grow and evolve, one of the challenges some trenchless providers face is a difficulty finding high-quality equipment that lives up to their exacting standards and helps them serve their customers to the best of their ability.

Meet PrimeLine Products, Inc.

Since July 1998, PrimeLine Products, Inc., has been a full-service provider of products for the trenchless rehabilitation industry. Our company is committed to the highest standards of reliability, quality and performance in serving both our customers and our vendors.

About Our Staff

Our staff brings their extensive background in trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation to provide the best possible service and a high level of knowledge. Our team of professionals understands the needs, expectations and technical requirements of our customers, and is particularly well-versed in all the intricacies of our industry and of our customers and vendors.

We Value Our Customers

At PrimeLine Products, Inc., our customers are the foundation of our success. We never take your business for granted, and that’s why we provide the highest-quality products at fair and competitive prices. PrimeLine Products is a national distributor of virtually any type of underground product you might need, including plugs, deflection gauges, air testing equipment and accessories. We proudly feature high-quality products manufactured by Cherne Industries, Inc.

Our Vendors Are Our Partners

As a vendor of PrimeLine Products, Inc., you can be sure we represent the products we sell fairly and ethically. We view our vendors as an essential part of our company and of the continued success of our customers and our business.

Why Choose PrimeLine Products?

PrimeLine Products should be your first choice when you need industry-leading solutions, products and training. Our mission is to be the best at delivering quality products to our customers, partnering with our vendors to address our customers’ needs and working to ensure shared success among our customers, vendors and our own business.

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