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The LED Rig System from Sewertronics

LEDRig is a high-efficiency curing system for lateral and main lines developed by Sewertronics. The technology is designed for use with glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) liners, which are typically found in sewer rehabilitation projects.

Key Features

Effective cooling and exceptionally efficient design are the two features that define the LEDRig. The patented cooling technology dramatically reduces common complications with UV curing systems, including the cooldown period and operator safety risks. Low power consumption and strong output contribute to many different benefits for operators.

System Specifications

The LEDRig by Sewertronics boasts a wide application range that covers diameters from DN150 to DN600. It also comes with a 200-meter umbilical and has a mount with wheels to ease transit.

Contractor Benefits

This system has several appealing benefits for contractors and technicians, particularly:

  • Cuts power costs to a fraction
  • No ignition spacing logistics
  • Remains safe temperature
  • Optional online reporting tools

Find Out if The LED Rig Fits Your Project

Learn more about this system and other amazing trenchless solutions by contacting PrimeLine Products. With a decades-long history of serving the trenchless industry, our team is ready to answer questions, address concerns, and help you find the right solutions for your needs.

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