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Manhole Rehabilitation Solutions from PrimeLine Products

Manholes and wetwells are an important part of commercial and municipal infrastructure, but they have some very different needs than typical pipes. That’s why we carry a diverse range of rehabilitation tools and supplies specifically designed to service wells, chimneys, and access points.

Key Features

Wet wells and manholes need to be completely moisture-proof, which means no cracks, corrosion, or structural failure. Our high-performance coatings help protect, preserve, and reinforce existing materials for continued use. Chimney and joint seals are also optimized to completely block groundwater infiltration and help stabilize the entire system.

Operator Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to choose our manhole rehabilitation equipment, including:

  • No special setup requirements
  • Customized sealing solutions
  • High-quality standards for materials
  • Size range availability

System Specifications

Sealing and coating are both essential tasks that should be part of any manhole or wet well rehabilitation project. Please contact us for product specifications and more details about potential applications and compatibility for these products.

Contact Us For More Details

PrimeLine Products has been providing an unparalleled selection of the trenchless industry’s finest tools, equipment, and supplies. Connect with our team today to learn more about the innovative, accessible, and high-efficiency solutions that are changing the industry. You may also complete a purchase by calling us or heading over to the online store.

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