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Picote Specialty Cleaning Tools

Picote’s selection of specialty cleaning tools includes equipment designed to deal with collapsing liners and other uncommon problems. The Twister Liner Remover and Smart Sweeper product lines have a lot of potential value for trenchless contractors and plumbers. Be sure to reach out to PrimeLine Products to benefit from the most premium equipment available today.

System Specifications

Different models in the Smart Sweeper and Twister Liner Remover product lines have limited compatibility with specific Picote milling units. Please consult related documentation and talk to our team if you have any questions about choosing the right products.

Key Features

No plumber is perfect and neither is every product, even with rigorous quality control. That’s why Picote offers liner removal technology that is tailored to the task of handling faulty liner installation with little time, difficulty, or cost. The twister and sweeper technology are both designed to work with existing Picote cutting and milling systems.

Operator Benefits

Access to one of these liner removal solutions means contractors don’t have to be afraid of failure. There are many different factors that can lead to a bad cure or failed lining operation, so it's something every contractor should expect to face eventually. These tools are adaptive to changing circumstances and optimized to make short work of common problems.

Talk to Us for More Details

With 20 years of experience providing equipment and supplies for professionals in the industry, PrimeLine Products looks forward to serving this industry in the years ahead. We encourage trenchless contractors to reach out to us to learn more about the powerful, innovative, and game-changing solutions that are on the market. Purchase one today by calling us, filling out the form, or going to our online store.

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