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DC Superflex From Dancutter

True to its name, the DC Superflex is the most flexible cutting system in the Dancutter lineup. This equipment is capable of cutting, grinding, and milling all kinds of materials, so it’s a solid choice for any trenchless contractor who does this kind of work.

Key Features

The Superflex is characterized by its flexible design that allows it to handle lines with multiple 90-degree turns just as well as a straight one. Aside from a selection of cutting heads, this system also includes an advanced control unit with a 12” color display, a flexible hose, and a wheeled metal frame.

Remarkable Benefits

This system offers numerous benefits for operators, so it’s worth checking out the full product sheet and manual. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include mounted video detection, full rotational capability, and portable housing for all components. The system can be operated by a single person via the control interface.

Specifications of the Cutting System

The DC Superflex is rated for pipes rated DN75 to DN150 or 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Standard accessories include a toolbox and centering tool with brushes.

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