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Dancutter’s DC Maxi Flex

The DC Maxi Flex is the most powerful of the Dancutter systems in our selection, but it still boasts an amazing amount of flexibility for its scale. Operators have access to a wide range of cutting heads that includes carbide for cutting PVC and diamond for concrete and hard metals.

The Cutting System’s Specifications

The DC Maxi Flex can be used in pipes rated from DN100 to DN300 and can navigate turns of up to 45 degrees. Operators can expect a long lifespan if they keep components lubricated and cleaned according to an established maintenance schedule.

Top Features

The Maxi Flex is an elegant system that combines cutting-edge technology, advanced materials sciences, and innovative engineering practices. The computerized control unit has a 12” color display and allows one operator to manage the system through responsive joystick controls. The metal frame that houses the flexible supply house is also optimized for portability and repeat use.

Main Benefits

This system has the power to cut, grind, and mill its way through virtually any material or obstacle. It gets the work done with minimal waste or logistical burden on the plumbing team.

Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Single-operator interface
  • Fast setup and takedown
  • Advanced detection technology
  • Wide range of cutting heads

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