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QuickPatch LED Packers from Sewertronics

Sewertronics engineered the QuickPatch LED Packers to expedite local patch repair work. This system features innovative technology and design elements to ensure consistency, improve efficiency, and accelerate the curing process.

Notable Features

The QuickPatch packers handle many different essential tasks in the curing process. They carry the lining patch to the destination, inflate it, and irradiate it with UV light. This system features a shadowless design that delivers full light exposure to the entire target area simultaneously. The system also has internal sensors and emergency stop controls.


These packers are available in four size ranges to accommodate pipe diameters from DN80 to DN600. Components are also compatible with some other SpeedyLight+ systems.

Contractor Benefits

The main benefits of this system are its surgical methodology and overall speed. The packers are equipped with video detection technology to help plumbers pinpoint the target area and ensure positive results afterward. Its shadowless design and LED arrangement can also cure most applications in a single session of five minutes or less.

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