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Get the watertight properties you need with seals created using reliable technology. This is the level of quality you can expect when you trust PrimeLine Products, the leading trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider. For more than 20 years, we’ve been proudly maintaining the highest quality when it comes to product standards.

The CIPP end seal assures you of a watertight seal at the ends of CIPP sections using the same reliable sealing technology that has made Trelleborg the world’s leading supplier of pipe-to-manhole connectors.


A liner end seal is designed to seal the end of a rejuvenated pipe that has been cured in place. These products prevent the transfer from/into the end portion of the liner. Our unique end seal features include patented slotted expansion bands from Trelleborg, the world’s top provider of pipe-to-manhole connectors. The end seal we offer is easy to install and designed with optimal durability in mind.

Available in an assortment of diameters and in two widths and usable on new and existing pipe structures, our selection of Trelleborg joint seals and manhole seals also includes:


Meeting the ASTM C923 Watertightness Specification, our CIPP end seal includes a patented Trelleborg Slotted expansion band that provides the additional sealing force. Pipe diameter reduction is also kept to a minimum. The exclusive design of this seal creates a permanent mechanical watertight seal. The spring-rubber interaction also produces an audible click to confirm that the seal has been created.


A top-quality liner end seal is beneficial because it reduces the risk of liner deterioration from groundwater. What this ultimately does is increase the odds that interior coatings will properly adhere to inside pipe surfaces.

  • Eliminates Infiltration / Exfiltration between the CIPP liner and existing pipe
  • Reduces Risk of Liner Deterioration caused by groundwater
  • Meets ASTM C923 Watertightness Specification
  • Quick and easy to install


PrimeLine Products has been a family-owned and operated trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider for 20 years and counting. Our drug-tested and background-checked professionally trained and certified staff provides accurate estimates and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality trenchless and pipeline equipment.

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