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Top-Notch Connection Collars from Picote

The Picote Connection Collar System addresses leaks from cracks or disjunction at pipe connections, particularly the intersections between lateral and main lines. This entirely trenchless system provides an affordable, low-maintenance, and effective solution for pipes of almost any material, including epoxy linings.

Best Features

The Picote collar system features user-friendly markings and customized installation rods to ensure proper orientation. Its wide range of sizes and configurations means it can fit T connections, Y intersections, and double connections. The adhesive seals around the collar are steam-activated and cured.

Main Benefits

Aside from the obvious benefit of tackling difficult plumbing issues without excavation, there are a lot of other value-adding benefits for plumbers.

Here are just a few reasons why contractors utilize this system:

  • Installations are usually done in a day
  • Powerful and portable steaming unit
  • Low environmental impact
  • Integrated safety features

Key Specifications

This system has an application range of 4 to 9 inches for main line diameter and 2 to 9 inches for connection pipe diameter. It’s also engineered for a normal air pressure of 4.4 to 21.8 psi.

Make the Most of Our Line of Picote Equipment

PrimeLine Products is a proud carrier of Picote supplies and products, so don't hesitate to reach out to us for questions, concerns, and other information. We are a full-service distributor of products related to the collection system maintenance and rehabilitation industry. Specializing in trenchless technologies. We sell pipeline plugs, cleaning nozzles, chemical grouts, manhole rehabilitation products, as well as cured-in-place lining equipment. We offer comprehensive training on all of our product lines.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the benefits, features, and technical details of this system.

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