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Our Primeliner System

Primeliner lining systems are appropriate for many kinds of trenchless servicing, including sectional repair and pipe relining. The liners are engineered to take advantage of the latest plumbing technologies to deliver optimized results for minimal effort.

Top Benefits

Contractors can take full advantage of several tangible benefits when using the Primeliner system, including:

  • Flexibility for 45- or 90-degree turns
  • Easy to invert
  • Minimal wrinkling and ridges
  • Resists stretching

Key Features

The liners are the central feature of the system, which also includes preliners and calibration hoses. Choosing the right liner type can make or break the project, so please contact our team if you have any questions about lining products.

The Primeliner FLEX FG is a glass fabric with PVC film on one side that is specifically designed for various applications, including Inversion, “Top Hat” and “T pieces.” The PrimeLiner Top Flex 3D is made from polyester felt that has a thick polyurethane coating.

Consult Us for More About Primeliner

As one of our key relining solutions, we stand behind the Primeliner system for repairs and rehabilitation projects. We know that our clients can only make the most of these systems with the right knowledge and skills. That’s why you should contact the team at PrimeLine Products to learn more about our products or discuss training opportunities for your team.

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