Our Selection of Avanti Products

With more than four decades of history as an innovator in the industry, Avanti produces a strong selection of innovative plumbing solutions. Their chemical grouting systems include tailored compounds formulated for various essential tasks and the tools, accessories, and other components necessary to apply them properly.

Key Specifications

Whether it’s leak prevention, soil stabilization, or crack injection, operators must know the proper conditions and methods of application before planning the project. Be sure to consult product details about the length, frequency, and volume of the application.

Product Range Features

Chemical grouts are usually developed to seal or stabilize in a certain set of conditions. Fast-sealing compounds are ideal for stopping large volume or high-pressure leaks in emergency situations, while grouts for long-term soil stabilization are engineered with different priorities.

Technical Benefits

Chemical grouts may seem like a niche solution, which makes them an overlooked gem by many trenchless contractors. The truth is that these systems have numerous applications and can address some issues far better than other trenchless methods. Contractors using Avanti grouting systems can also rest assured that they've invested in an environmentally safe, reliable, and long-lasting solution.

Find Out More About Our Avanti Products

Avanti grouts, tools, and accessories are among the many amazing plumbing systems we offer at PrimeLine Products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about this system or to discuss training and informational opportunities for our Avanti products.

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