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Make the most of the many training opportunities we offer here at PrimeLine. Undergo training with the expert team that is a renowned Picote Certified Installer. We emphasize a hands-on approach to our training program, so you will gain the necessary skills and confidence to get the most out of your tooling and equipment.

Rest assured that we possess the technical ability and experience to travel to you and train your crew in the field. We also have a complete training center in Altamonte Springs, which is just minutes away from Orlando. You may choose from our established class structures as well as completely customizable classes.

Group size is limited to 3 each without prior approval from PrimeLine.

Here are the topics we offer in person.

High-Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining Product

Picote Cutting and Cleaning

  • Choose from Basics (1 day) or Advanced (2 days)
  • Basics class includes the review of Picote Millers, equipment setup and maintenance
  • Advanced features the content of the basics course, removing failed CIPP liners, and use of Maxi Power, among others
Certified Picote Brush Coating Installer

Picote Brush Coating Certified Installer or PrimeLine Trenchless CIPP Certification

  • Becoming a Picote Brush Coating Certified Installer includes pipe preparation, setup and operation of the Smart Mixer
  • Becoming a PrimeLine Trenchless CIPP Installer includes pipe inspection, preparation, and post inspection procedures.
  • Each topic runs for 2 days.

Picote Brush Coating Certified Installer with PrimeLine Trenchless CIPP Certification

Customized Training  Customized Training Programs – be sure to contact us to discuss your options and pricing (typically $1200/day in-house or in-field)

Virtual Training Topics – General topics are priced $500 for up to 4 hours, Picote Brush Coation is priced at $650 for up to 4 hours. Each session is recorded, with a copy provided after the training.

Onsite Technical Support – $1200 per on-site day. All costs are quoted and approved before booking.


All standard classes start at 8 AM. Be sure to contact PrimeLine today.

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