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Top-Notch Cleaning Equipment from Picote

Picote offers a wide selection of specialized drain cleaning tools that work together as a versatile and effective system. Choosing the right equipment setup depends on the material and diameter of the pipe as well as the primary purpose, like descaling or blockage removal.

A Host of Features

We offer three different types of Picote systems that are based around different pieces of motorized equipment, including the Maxi Miller, Mini Miller, and Midi Miller. Grinding chains, concrete removal tools, and smart cutting technology are also key system elements for many kinds of cleaning projects.

Key Benefits

Picote’s drain cleaning systems are diverse, which means contractors can find one that is tailored to their needs. They also enjoy a high safety rating thanks to a safety clutch, prominent emergency switch and lack of moving parts.

Other benefits to operators include:

  • Consistent torque for power conservation
  • Camera compatible system
  • Easy to repair
  • Versatile cutting heads and adapters

Equipment Specifications

Tree root intrusion, grease build-up, and concrete blockages are just a few of the problems this system can handle. However, with a variable speed from 500 to 2900 rpm and many pipe diameter ranges to choose from, operators need to make sure they choose the best options.

Give Us A Call to Purchase the Right Tools for Your Project

At PrimeLine Products, we take pride in being the preferred distributor of Picote supplies and products. We welcome your inquiries, concerns, and any information you might need. Our expertise lies in serving the collection system maintenance and rehabilitation industry, with a specialization in trenchless technologies. Our product offerings encompass pipeline plugs, cleaning nozzles, chemical grouts, manhole rehabilitation products, and advanced cured-in-place lining equipment. You can count on us for comprehensive training on all our product lines.

Our team is here to make sure that our clients make smart investments in their plumbing systems and supplies. Contact PrimeLine Products to learn more about our selection of products and how they can add value, efficiency, and power to your plumbing work.

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