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Coating Supplies and Consumables from Picote

Pipe coating is a basic service for many trenchless plumbers who do sewer line rehabilitation and repair work. Applying the right kind of resin compound to pipes can prevent corrosion, mitigate leaks, and improve the structural integrity of the entire system.

System Specifications

The combination of Picote pipe coating and the Mini Miller is suitable for pipes ranging from 1 ¼” to 8” in diameter with a maximum target length of 32ft. Pipes should be cleaned, flushed, and inspected before initial application when possible.

Top Features

The resin itself is the key ingredient of the entire operation. It’s formulated for brush coating on all kinds of common piping materials, including clay, concrete, PVC, and cast iron. The application process is usually paired with cleaning equipment, like the Picote Mini Miller, to prepare pipes for resin coating.

Operator Benefits

There are plenty of reasons for contractors to choose Picote pipe coating supplies and consumables, including:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Moisture-proof
  • Lasting elasticity
  • Self-supporting and reinforcing

Make the Most of Our Picote Coating Supplies and Consumables

Connect with the team at PrimeLine Products to learn more about our Picote products, supplies, and systems. We are here to help plumbers find solutions that provide real value and put more options at their fingertips on each service call. Give us a call or visit the online store to purchase one for your project today.

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