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Chemical Grouting


PrimeLine has had the highest quality standards for over 20 years, which is why we partnered with Avanti International to provide top-quality chemical grouts. Avanti’s grouts are used to stop leaks, stabilize soils, and control groundwater in various structures such as manholes, tanks, cracked concrete, and more. Avanti has supplied injection grouts to the industry since 1978 and remains and American owned and operated company.

Chemical grouts are an incredibly useful and economic technology available to contractors, plumbers, tradesmen, and utility owners that often fight groundwater infiltration and water leaks. There are a wide variety of grout formulations – from acrylics to polyurethanes – depending on your specific project or jobsite conditions.

We are proud to furnish contractor and pipe professionals with chemical grouts, grout pumps, sealant testing equipment, waterstops, coating products, epoxies, and any other items that the situation may require. When you need chemical grouting or any other sewage and drainage repair equipment, look no further than PrimeLine Products.

PrimeLine Products provides the following products for your chemical grouting needs:

  • Chemical Grouts – PrimeLine offers everything you need to successfully complete your grouting projects. We partner with Avanti to provide top-quality chemical grouting products – from acrylics to polyurethanes.
  • Accessories and Equipment – As a business that has been family-owned and operated for over 20 years, we provide some of the best trenchless and pipeline equipment needed to successfully complete different projects. Our chemical grouting supplies include pumps, grouts, packers, coating, and items to aid in concrete restoration.


Chemical grouts are diverse and can be used in a multitude of different applications from manholes to parking garages. Below are some applications grouts are often used:

  • Manhole and Joint Sealing – At PrimeLine Products, we understand that receiving an accurate estimate is important to customers. This is why we provide many different chemical grouts for manhole and joint sealing that can be used to protect the structures from potential contamination and infiltration of groundwater.
  • Crack Injection – Repairing cracks can be vital in maintaining the integrity of your structures. Our professionally trained and certified installers are able to provide a wide variety of sealing products to repair and restore cracks for crack injection projects.
  • Soil Stabilization – Soil stabilization helps reduce potential structural failure and provides a more solid foundation for pipes, buildings, tanks, and other structures.


These products and services are most often employed in repairs or rehabilitation of underground structures like pipelines and septic tank storage containers. Chemical grouting is applied in situations where a groundwater reserve or a wastewater reserve has leaked into the surrounding property, threatening potential contamination and increased cost of operation. In most cases, chemical grouting can be performed within the span of a day, depending on the extent and nature of the underlying problem. In other cases, chemical grout is used during manhole and wet well rehabilitation services to ensure a waterproofed structure free from groundwater infiltration.


At PrimeLine Products, our chemical grouting products are designed to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimum expenditure. We offer competitive shipping rates, carefully itemized transportation, and cordial services that are corroborated by our overwhelmingly positive customer testimony. To these ends, our staff is passionate, trained, and experienced in the sale and usage of sewage and drainage technologies and equipment. Our equipment is hand-picked and extensively tested to ensure complete and total customer satisfaction.


Knowing who to turn to for providing professional-grade sewage and drainage equipment is not always easy. Our team at PrimeLine Products is always available to make sure you are choosing equipment that will best fit your business needs. We test every piece of equipment and material that we offer to ensure that you will get the results you want. We are able to provide each and every one of our customers with the most effective, most efficient, and most economical plumbing solutions available on the market today. When you think of chemical grouting or any other equipment that you may need, think of PrimeLine Products. Clients who have questions about chemical grouting services should reach out to our team for further information. We take pride in being your trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider and look forward to helping you. Contact us today to learn more about the equipment we offer in addition to how our equipment can grow your pipe lining business.

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