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We Offer Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cements are a safe and cheap mechanism for stopping leaks, preventing moisture infiltration, and reinforcing existing infrastructure. They are often used as a preparatory or supplemental solution alongside crack injection or other sealing methods.

What You Need to Know

Every cement mixture has limited application based on its unique strengths and weaknesses, so plumbers need to make sure they pick the right ones for their trenchless work. It’s also important to follow all storage and handling guidelines to ensure the product stays in good condition.

Top Features

In trenchless applications, this kind of cement is often used to stem active leaks in preparation for grouting. Its flexible and fast-acting composition makes it a good choice for getting water flows under control. Plumbers can also create shapes to fit the exact needs of each situation from the wet cement when it has a dough-like consistency.

Contractor Benefits

Our hydraulic cement products are versatile and have a wide range of material applications, including concrete, masonry, and steel. The Dene-Plug cement, for example, is formulated for fast curing, good bonding, and high early strength to maximize its leak-stopping potential.

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