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An Overview of Select Lateral Lining Materials from PrimeLine Products

Lateral pipe lining is a cost-effective, fast, and long-lasting solution for rehabilitating damaged pipes. If you’re new to this process and are considering expanding your range of pipe lining services, it’s important to know about the liner tubes and resin.

PrimeLine Products is always available to provide product recommendations and specifications for your specific needs.

Types of Liner Tubes

Liner tubes for lateral pipe lining equipment may be made of fiberglass or PE felt. Fiberglass tubes may have a PVC coating on one side. The felt type is typically woven, and it may have a PVC, TPU, or PU coating.

Pre-Wet Liners

Pre-wet liners are created in our wet-out facility. They’re custom-made in the length you need. These lateral lining materials are ideal for unusual pipe sizes and configurations.

Liner Tube Dimensions

Our liner tubes are available in diameters of 2 to 120 inches. Their thickness ranges from 2 to 40 millimeters.

Liner Tube Features

If you’re rehabilitating a pipe with bends and turns, the Primeliner WOVO, Flex FG, Flex Liner, and Super Thin Flex products are the right choice. Choose from specially stitched seams, seam tape, tape overlap, or seamless liners in our lateral pipe lining supplies.

Types of Pipe Lining Resin

Our liner resins pair with the tubes for a perfect finish to your Maxliner lateral lining project. PrimeLiner Resin cures at ambient temperature using a two-step process. Quik-Pox resin pairs with your choice of three different hardeners that cure in 15 to 60 minutes.

A lateral pipe lining system allows you to provide excellent care to residential and light commercial customers. Choosing the right liner thickness and length and the best resin are integral to your project’s success.

For more information about our liner tubes and resins, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products.

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