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Is Maxliner Lateral Lining Right For You?

All over the United States, the wastewater system infrastructure is aging. There’s a high demand for lateral pipe rehabilitation, including repair and replacement. Offering this service will allow you to expand your client base and provide enhanced value to your residential, commercial, and municipal customers. At PrimeLine Products, our Maxliner system for lateral lining helps you complete more projects in less time. Discover the benefits of our Maxliner lateral lining system, and find out if it’s right for you.


If you get a lot of calls to repair leaking pipes, the Maxliner lateral pipe lining system is right for you. With our ambient-cure epoxy or UV resins, it seals leaky pipes from within. You can install it in any weather conditions and get excellent results.

Easy to Install

Use the Maxliner gun to install our lateral pipe lining material in difficult-to-access areas. If the only way in is vertically through a roof or the basement or you can even temporarily remove the toilet and enter from the drain, the Maxliner gun always fits.

Navigate Unusual Configurations

You never know when a pipe that needs repairs will have a 45- or 90-degree bend. It may have several of these bends. Our lateral pipe lining supplies, such as PrimeLiner TopFlex 3D, easily navigate through these unusual pipe configurations.

Fast Results

Shorten the curing time with our Maxliner HotKick. It uses hot water to cure the epoxy resin in minutes instead of hours. If your customers demand fast results, this Maxliner product is an excellent addition to your collection of lateral lining materials.

Lateral lining for pipes is in high demand now, and the need for this service will continue to grow over the coming years. Investing in our lateral pipe lining equipment now will help your company grow. To learn more about our Maxliner system, contact PrimeLine Products today.



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