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The process of trenchless pipe rehabilitation is one that only expert plumbers can master. However, even the best technicians will be unable to handle a job without the right equipment. If your company specializes in pipe rehabilitation and pipe lining systems, be sure you are offering your customers the highest quality service. To do that, you need top-of-the-line products.

The experts at PrimeLine Products are dedicated to providing your business with state-of-the-art equipment for every step of the pipe relining process. We work every day to provide contractors with the industry-leading trenchless and pipeline equipment they need for every aspect of the job.


PrimeLine Products provides a complete line of trenchless CIPP equipment to handle curing, sectional lining, collapsed lining removal, and lateral-connection repair. We also offer dancutters for connection reinstatement and hard-to-reach areas of vertical and horizontal lines.

Trenchless pipeline restoration uses pipe lining systems and trenchless equipment to line the interior with a durable resin-based composite material. The process begins by creating an entry point, carrying out a camera inspection and clearing blocking debris from existing pipes.


Before any work can be done, the old pipes must be cleared of any blockages or debris. We offer tools that will assist you in this important first step. Next, to access the interior of the pipe, a cut must be made as a point of entry.

PrimeLine Products offers pipe cutting and cleaning equipment from the leading manufacturers to suit each professional’s workflow. You can choose from our vast inventory of trenchless equipment for sale to find a machine that fits your individual needs.


Next, the liner must be set. Did you know that certain projects might require different lining tubes? Our product line is stocked with lining tubes made from the highest quality materials that are both durable and flexible. Once the pipe has been relined, the composite needs to cure and harden in place.


At the core of all trenchless sewer repairs is the new lining. PrimeLine Products carries the epoxy resin needed for your CIPP rehabilitation, no matter the application. Known for its strength and impenetrable nature, epoxy is the industry standard for pipe lining systems for both residential and commercial projects.

PrimeLine Products proudly has a versatile selection of relining equipment, epoxy pipe lining products, and silicate-based tubes to create a tough and flexible surface that adapts to a pipe bends and characteristics in even small-diameter commercial and residential lines.

We are proud to say that PrimeLine Products now also offers the SpeedyLight+. This is a UV light for curing pipes that cures pipes up to five times faster than traditional pipe curing methods. It features the use of LEDs on the patent-pending head and a flexible hose, which deploys the head through the pipe to fully cure the resin. This fits into any residential, commercial, or industrial pipe, assuring contractors of the ability to utilize fast light curing technology for both laterals and mainlines.


As the top trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products has operated for more than two decades as a family-owned and managed business. We make sure that every piece of equipment is at the highest standards of quality. Aside from our quality trenchless equipment for industry professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs and expectations of all of our clients, thanks to our extensive background in trenchless technology.

Our extensive business knowledge allows our team to provide accurate estimates for the trenchless pipe lining equipment that contractors need to operate at full potential. Contact PrimeLine Products to schedule a consultation with our team. You may also fill out the form on this website to buy online now.