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Lateral Lining Materials

Whether you are just beginning your pipe lining business or are looking to invest in high quality lining materials to grow your services, PrimeLine Products, Inc. has all of the equipment and materials you need to get the job done efficiently. Our team is comprised of expert professionals who understand every step of the pipe lining process and extensively test the equipment we sell to make sure they provide you with the best lining results possible.

The Lateral Lining Process

Offering trenchless technologies demonstrates that your business provides industry leading services in addition to being well-versed that latest pipe technology. The lateral lining process is a service that will minimize repair time and restore your clients’ pipes with minimal effort and shows your business careful attention to detail. A lateral line repair is service the small diameter pipe that flows fluid discharge from your clients’ property to the main sewer pipeline. Eliminating the need for dig-and-replace methods, lateral lining creates a brand-new pipe inside of your clients’ existing one allowing you to specifically address your clients’ pipe needs. Lateral lining makes sewer and drain repair practical and efficient for your residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or municipal clients.

Lateral Lining Materials from PrimeLine Products

Trenchless technologies are not only an investment in your company, but an investment in your customers. While excavation services are still needed in various pipe situations, trenchless technologies allow for quick and seamless work that your customers can trust in. The lateral lining materials we offer at PrimeLine include: Liner Tubes and Liner Resin. The liner tubes we offer come in various sizes, and we offer liners that support various stages of the lateral lining process. The liner resin we offer is top-of-the-line because of its resistance to various chemicals as well as unique characteristic such as its resistance to temperatures, lack of chemical odor, and ambient cure.

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What sets our team apart is our commitment to contractors by providing you with training on each piece of equipment and material we offer. Our industry professionals at PrimeLine Products makes sure that when you purchase our products, you are able to use them effectively utilizing them for all they have to offer. It also demonstrates that you are committed to your team and helping them grow as pipe experts. We are well-versed in trenchless technologies and products to increase quality of pipe lining services all across North America.

All of the pipe materials and equipment we provide at PrimeLine Products, Inc. are affordably priced and built to last. We only partner with manufacturers that the best sell equipment and materials in the business. Our materials keep material costs low while providing the highest quality service possible, so you never have to lose out on a bid due to high material costs. When you invest in our lateral lining materials with PrimeLine, you will build a reputation for your business that is known for only providing residents in your service area with the best materials in the industry.

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