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Why Pipe Lining Systems Are Here to Stay

Rapid development and aging infrastructure mean that an increasing number of residential and commercial clients inevitably need water and sewer repairs. This presents a problem since traditional methods of repairing and replacing pipes are time-consuming, messy, disruptive, and costly. Fortunately, with trenchless equipment produced by Primeline Products Inc., you’ll be able to expand your services and deliver excellent customer care.

The following benefits of trenchless pipe lining solutions provide good reasons why 

they should be here to stay:

Wide Range of Applications

Trenchless pipe lining systems work for a wide range of pipes. You can use them to rehabilitate clay, iron, or concrete pipes. They work for pipes damaged by tree roots, cracks, or corrosion. Your plumbing business can even use them on pipes with an offset.

Minimal Disruption

When a customer’s sewer pipe fails, they can’t use their plumbing system. Customers don’t want to wait for days or more likely, weeks, until repairs are completed. Trenchless pipe lining equipment allows you to rehabilitate failed pipes in one day or less, and typically, no trenches are required for the repairs.


Pipe lining is a safe way to restore pipes. They don’t release any toxins into the air, soil, or groundwater. Even if they’re exposed to harsh chemicals, the epoxy pipe lining products stay intact. The liners also stop sewage leaks, which may harm the environment and pose a risk to human health.

Effective and Efficient

Our trenchless equipment for sale is as effective at solving corroded, degraded, or cracked pipes as traditional methods that require cutting into slabs and excavating the damaged pipes. The pipe lining process is fast, and it works on pipes of all sizes. Our installation equipment withstands daily use, extreme temperatures, and inclement weather.

Trenchless pipe lining systems can solve a multitude of problems. Offering this service to your customers allows you to rapidly restore their plumbing system to optimal performance quickly and cost effectively. For more information about our pipe rehabilitation solutions, contact us at Primeline Products today.



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