Reasons Pipeline Plugs Are Preferred By Many Contractors

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Reasons Pipeline Plugs Are Preferred By Many Contractors

Plumbing contractors often have to perform testing, leak detection, and other services that require the cutoff of fluid flow or airflow through pipes. In certain situations, they may also need to do a pressure test on one pipe segment while blocking others.

At Primeline Products, we offer reliable pipeline plugs in a range of sizes to help with such difficult situations.

Ease of Use

Plugs that won’t inflate, stay seated or fit into unusually sized or shaped openings are the last things you need while dealing with tough working conditions. That’s why we stock pneumatic plugs that perfectly pair with our accessories to inflate to the desired size and pressure level. They’re easy to install, inflate and remove when you finish the inspection, test, or repair.


When you perform a wide range of plumbing services, you need pipeline plugs for all occasions. We offer mechanical plug products made of a range of metals. We can help you choose the correct material for the type of pipe and chemical resistance requirements. If you need a plug that will only be used for a few hours but can handle intense pressure, our pneumatic options are the way to go.


Mechanical pipeline plugs are frequently used for long-term solutions for closing unused areas of pipes. They’re also ideal for pipes with high pressure loads. Choose a pneumatic plug when your application involves corrosive conditions. For these applications, we recommend Cherne® Pillow-Style Test-Balls as they are made of heavy-duty elastic urethane, making them lightweight, flexible and hydrocarbon resistant.


With our pipeline plug tools, you’ll get more done. Our hoses, protective sleeves, and lift lines make plugs easy to install and remove. At PrimeLine, we also offer Remo plugs (remote entry) that eliminates the need to enter confined spaces and speeds up the pipe plugging process. The system is safer and less expensive to use than conventional plugging methods because it requires no confined space equipment to simply block sewer flow.

Our plugs and pipeline plug accessories can make your job as a plumbing contractor easier. With a range of mechanical and pneumatic plug sizes and materials, you’ll be able to choose the best one for each job. Contact us today for additional details about our pneumatic and mechanical plugs for pipes.



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