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Innovation and dedication are the values that drive PrimeLine Products forward into the future. We know that our clients rely on us for modern, efficient, and powerful solutions that they can use to satisfy their customers’ needs. That’s why we work hard to offer the best in lateral pipe lining and inform service providers of their effective use.

Applications of Liner Tubes

Lateral pipe lining supplies are a common need for any trenchless service provider, so they need to be accessible, reliable, and versatile. Relining is the go-to method for addressing most of the frequent problems faced by residential property owners, which are often the bulk of service requests. This means tubes need to be able to fit different diameter pipes, navigate sharp curves, and fit through access points in a compact state.

Types of Liners

Choosing the right lateral lining materials depends on several different factors, which is why we offer a wide range of options. Woven tubes tend to be more flexible and are compatible with many different types of resin. On the other hand, reinforced liners tend to be stronger, and more resilient to permeation, but may not navigate sharp turns as well as woven material.

Comparison with Conventional Methods

Comparing a trenchless lateral pipe lining system with conventional alternatives is like night and day. It’s hard to make any contrast with actually excavating sewer lines. While this approach is still the best one in some situations, most property owners can get the same quality of results from trenchless lining without the bulk of the cost.

Even compared to older lateral pipe lining equipment, modern liners offer several advantages. They are lighter and thinner, which means they don’t obstruct the flow of water like a full pipe insert. They also utilize better coating and resin to achieve tighter, faster seals.

Next Level Trenchless Technology

PrimeLine Products offers a range of exceptional liner tubes, including Maxliner lateral lining solutions, to our clients. We are here to help you harness this technology to provide better results for customers with greater efficiency and affordability. Reach out to us today for modern, efficient, and powerful solutions!



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