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Clogged sewer line

With years of constant use, every residential, commercial, or municipal sewer is sure to accumulate debris. Some of this debris fuels the growth of bacteria, and bacterial waste products as well as raw sewage contribute to corrosion and sewer line damage.

At PrimeLine Products, we offer trenchless equipment for sewer cleaning that works for your crew in these three key ways.

Prepare Laterals for Sealing

Before you can seal offsets, fractures, and cracks in laterals and connections between laterals and main sewer lines, your crew needs to prepare the laterals for epoxy pipe lining products. This preparation begins with inspecting the lateral for buildup and damage. The second step involves cleaning. Our high-powered nozzles for hydro jets allow your team to scour mineral buildup, biofilm, and more from laterals and joints.

Remove Buildup and Debris

Biofilm buildup in sewers contains active bacteria. As bacteria digest nutrients in sewage, they release their own waste. This waste contains acids that can corrode sewer pipes and seals in pipe lining systems. Our powerful hydro jets can effectively remove the bacteria and their waste products, which minimizes corrosion in the wastewater pipe.

Clean Sewers Before Pipe Lining

If a sewer line has a problem with tree root intrusion or corrosion, applying a durable liner with trenchless pipe lining equipment restores the pipe’s structural integrity and extends its lifespan. Before your crew can line the pipe, however, it must be clean. Our sewer cleaning equipment removes every bit of debris, ensuring a perfect bond with the pipe liner.

Clean sewers keep plumbing systems functional, protect the environment, and ensure convenience for your clients. With the right sewer cleaning equipment, your crew can prepare sewer lines for rehabilitation or prevent catastrophic clogs and sewage backups.

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