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Clogged pipe

Not all drain issues require powerful equipment like augers and hydro jets. At PrimeLine Products, we always look for the latest in handy tools that help your crew clear out clogs without using any chemicals. The new Cherne Clog-Buster pipeline plug accessories offer convenient and cost-effective drain cleaning for residential and small business needs.

Let’s take a look at when your crew should consider using the Clog-Buster.

Standing Water in Sink

Cherne’s Clog-Buster drain flusher is perfect for jobs where customers have standing water in their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room sink. Before using the tool, make sure the customer hasn’t applied any drain cleaning chemicals. Attach the Clog-Buster pipeline plugs six inches into the clogged drain, and slowly increase the water flow into the hose. Within a short time, the Clog-Buster will clear out the soap scum, hair, and other debris clogging the sink.

Washing Machine Maintenance

With each cycle of a washing machine, dirt, lint, hair, and dead skin cells accumulate in the hose and drain. After years of regular use, this buildup can obstruct the hose, resulting in sopping-wet laundry and a potential flood. Use the Clog-Buster pneumatic plugs for routine washing machine maintenance.

Slow Drains

Hair and body care products, shed hair and skin, or dirt and lint all accumulate in the bathtub and shower drains. The Cherne Clog-Buster pushes out the debris and eliminates the problem of slow drains. It also prevents bathtubs and showers from overflowing and flooding the bathroom. It’s also compatible with mechanical pipeline plugs for leak testing.

Cherne’s Clog-Buster drain flusher offers a three-year warranty. A small investment in these environmentally friendly pipeline plug tools will help your crew assist more residential and small business customers with clogged drains.

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